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Help Me Respond to Hurricane Dorian!

George Beals

George Beals

I'm fund raising for World Hope International because I know they do an awesome job at responding to the needs of the vulnerable. I hoping to raise $5,000 for Hurricane Dorian relief. Will you join me?

Together, we can make a difference!

It is going to take a long time for the Bahamas to recover, but we have a tremendous team of volunteers on the ground working with an incredible coalition of partners including Sol Relief and YachtAid Global and ensuring everyone has access to clean water. In the Bahamas, many communities and settlements are spread across cays and were only narrowly connected to parts of larger islands. With the surge from the storm and the massive wind and water destruction, most of these communities were cut off from the support of larger towns. Instead of bringing in loads of single-use plastic water bottles, which ultimately create a second crisis for post-disaster communities because of the plastic pollution, we use Katadyn Outdoors reverse osmosis water treatment systems --that can purify salt water into drinking water. Thank you all for your ongoing contributions to our efforts!


Boat load of supplies.

World Hope is working with Sol Relief and Yacht Aid Global to get our Katadyn water filtration units, emergency relief supplies, and volunteer team around the Bahamas. Figuring out how to reach those in need has been a challenge. Using boats is the best possible way of reaching the +62,000 people who are stranded without clean water or power. We also have a supporting cargo ship filled with even more emergency supplies. Please make a donation to help with the purchase of these life-saving supplies and the costs of getting them to those who are waiting for hope.

What does it look like to load emergency supplies onto a boat in response to a hurricane? Like Tetris for adults.

World Hope International (WHI)’s Clean Water Team is in the Bahamas now reaching devastated islands with clean water and emergency supplies and supporting debris removal. The team is now partnering with YachtAid Global, using yachts to ferry supplies, fresh water makers, and volunteers to the affected islands. Without clean water, the islanders are at risk not only of thirst, but also of a second disaster with a health crisis resulting from the unsanitary conditions and contaminated drinking water. World Hope is not bringing in cases of bottled water but desalinating the abundant sea water and making that clean and safe to drink. This lessen the environmental impact in the aftermath by reducing the amount of plastic pollution caused by caseloads of single-use plastic water bottles. The Aquifer 360 systems we use from our partner, Katadyn Group, run on solar and/or wind power and so are able to work even in the face of the massive power outages on the islands. Traveling by boat allows us to reach areas where any other access has been made practically impossible due to destruction or flooding from the hurricane.


Plane taking World Hope International team with supplies to the Bahamas.

We got our team off to the Bahamas this morning to support relief efforts there! The team will rendezvous with a pair of yachts, where they will work with YachtAid Global & other partners to distribute aid and set up the water makers. We'll keep shar


Katadyn water filtration unit: "Watermakers"

We are sending 5 Katadyn water filtration units to the Bahamas along with a team to set up the water stations. Things to know about the units? - Combined, they can produce 1,800 gallons of clean water per day - They are energy efficient, typically using less than 110 watts to purify seawater - They can be operated by solar or wind power They also cost us about $20,000 each! Your donations make it possible for us to continue to provide these lifesaving systems.


As Hurricane Dorian makes landfall as a Category 5 storm in the Bahamas today, World Hope is partnering with Sol Relief to airlift supplies to the islands in need. We will be sending water filtration equipment from Katadyn Group, as well as distributing relief supplies. We will have damage assessment reports in the morning based on low-pass fly overs.


John Lyon, CEO of World Hope International, reports that one of our partner organizations, Amazon, has said they will help with supplies with Hurricane Dorian relief efforts.

World Hope is actively monitoring the situation with incoming Hurricane Dorian and is ready to respond. We have prepositioned water-filter supplies at an airport in St Petersburg, Florida and have spent the last several days connecting with our logistics, supply, and distribution partners to make sure that when the hurricane hits, we are ready to hit the ground, too. In addition, World Hope is also working with local churches and community-based networks to prepare for potential distribution.


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