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CAN - Unlock the Possibilities 2019

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Together, we can #UnlockThePossibilities

We Have the Power to Alleviate Poverty By Providing Opportunity, Dignity, and Hope


Generous World Hope Donors have committed to raising $40,000 by year-end and they have challenged us to match that amount by December 31st.

When you make a gift to the Hope Fund, your money will help us:

  • Continue to provide access to clean water, medical services, education, shelter, safety, training, resources, and economic opportunities
  • Strategically strengthen our programs when a challenge or opportunity arises  
  • Respond to crisis locally, nationally, and internationally when disasters and emergencies break out and build resiliency ahead of time

It’s time to #UnlockThePossibilities for those in need around the world and with your support, we can continue our mission of providing opportunity, dignity, and hope.
raised of $40,000 goal

Teams and Walkers

Select A Team:

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Christine Bowerman
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