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AUS - #WaterMatters

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Join our Fundraising Challenge #WaterMatters and help World Hope International to connect 50 homes in Cambodia to piped clean water.

Clean water and good sanitation can be the difference between getting an education, and missing opportunities for building a brighter future.

• Without clean water, you can't stay healthy.
• If you can't stay healthy, you can't go to work or school.
• You can't build a home.
• You can't grow food, and you can't provide for your family.

Just $200 will connect a family in Cambodia to life-saving clean affordable water! 
Our goal is to connect 50 homes and we are asking you to help us achieve that by holding a fundraiser or do an activity to have your friends and family sponsor you.
Sign up as an individual or as a Youth Group and get started on making a difference because #WaterMatters

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Teams and Walkers

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