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Extreme need calls for extreme measures! Join me in raising money for clean water around the world!

Marianne Clyde

Marianne Clyde

Clean water is something most of us take for granted. When I found out that World Hope International, an organization that I have been traveling with for 20 years and totally trust with my life (literally), was organizing a fundraising campaign to raise awareness about this basic life necessity, I jumped in with both feet! Maybe we all can't climb to #EverestBaseCamp, but we can all afford a little something to raise awareness and dig wells for those who walk miles for water everyday and battle diseases we don't even have to think about because we have clean water. Will you help? Pease share this page and donate what you can...we can easily raise $10000 for water and along the way, I will keep you posted on my training for our trek to Mt Everest Base camp. We can do this together! Thank you.


Why clean water??? Because we can. Because we must.


Training for this trek has been a bit terrifying; but nowhere near as terrifying to raise your kids in an environment in which they could die from the very water they drink or that they could get attacked in the bush where they must go to toilet!


A child I sponsor in Sierra Leone says her village gets their water from a swamp. Dangers include cholera and diarrheah. Toilet is done in the "bush" with the danger of snakes and evil things. She says she will be happy if they get clean water!


Heavy duty training for our #climbforacause


These babies need clean water. Their mamas need your support!


This is why we are trekking to #EverestBaseCamp. Will you help?


Love the support and training I am receiving from the Blue Mountain Hiking group!


Mt. Fuji 2008 My first high altitude climb at 12,500. Everest base camp is 17,600!!!


raised of $10,000 goal

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1. SGShari Goodwin
2. PDP R Drass
3. NGNancy M Green
You are an inspiration, Marianne, and a world-changer!
4. VBVeronika Benson
You're amazing! Safe travels, my dear.
5. PTPriss Toth
We will be praying for you!! You are a remarkable woman!!
6. MMMike & Maggie McMahon
it’s a great cause! Good luck!!