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What is the 7 Seas 7 Summits Challenge?

World Hope is partnering with a professional sailor and adventurer Sara Hastreiter, who has set out to become the first woman in history to achieve both sailing the seven oceans around the world and climbing the highest peak on each continent in a quest for good.

This spring, Sara will attempt to summit Denali, the tallest peak in North America, one of her four remaining peaks to complete the world record. The project will culminate with Sara attempting to summit Mount Everest in the spring of 2020.

That's not all, though: Sara will also lead what promises to be two life-changing climbs to Everest basecamp in the Fall of 2019 to raise at least $200,000 for World Hope to continue empowering communities with clean water. We are asking every climber to raise $5,000. We know that raising $5,000 can sound scary but we believe that you can do it. We will provide you with fundraising resources and coaching to help make this a reality. The $5,000 you fundraise with us will help us provide access to clean water for over 202,000 people during the year. That is an enormous impact.


About the Campaign

Why Water?

An estimated 2.1 billion people in the world are without access to safe drinking water, resulting in the death of more than 800 children each day. We don’t think that is ok.

Access to clean water frees up time for women to earn an income, which can drive dramatic improvements in household indicators.

Access to nearby water sources helps girls stay closer to home, safer from risks of sexual violence and its life-threatening effects.

Access to appropriate water and sanitation facilities in schools promotes equitable access to education and helps break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

We’re working towards a world where something as basic as water isn’t a struggle, a luxury, or a matter of life and death, because we believe that with water, women, men, and children alike will find opportunity, dignity, and hope.